The Process

We’re Rolling Up Our Sleeves And Sharpening Our Pencils.

Our proven process for delivering outstanding web sites that meet your individual requirements involves several phases. By following these steps, we can deliver you a site that achieves your goals, that is delivered on time and within your budget.  The Tundra Click Process goes like this:

Discussion >> Research and Proposal >> Design Phase >> Development Phase >> Feedback and Refinement >> Delivery Discussion

In this first critical phase we meet with the stakeholders to learn more about your business. What has your Internet presence been to date? Where would you like it to be? For example, are you hoping to create an interactive site where you can sell your wares? Or are you hoping to create a simpler site where visitors can browse information about your company and offerings?

Critical information gathered in this phase includes:

  • Vision (type of site)

  • Goals

  • Timeframe

Research and Proposal

Once we have the basic information gathered in the Discussion Phase, we will begin our Research Phase. We will often provide you with a list of additional questions at this time. We will also research your company and your market space so we can better understand your target customers and develop a site that will meet their needs. We will investigate the various technologies available for delivering you the type of site that you require.

The deliverables at the end of this phase:

  • Proposal that meets your requirements and is within your budget

Design Phase

Once we have accurately detailed your requirements and agreed to a budget from the Research and Proposal Phase, we will then spend time creating “mocked up” concepts for your new site. We will deliver these to you so that you may discuss them internally with your team. With the feedback from you and your team, we will work to a final design.

Deliverables at this phase:

  • Web site “mock up” for your review

  • Final design

Development Phase

Once we have agreed to a design we will begin the Development Phase. During this phase, you will have little involvement; we’ll be doing the work. We will code your site, create imagery, navigation, buttons and other graphics. We will also write copy or input the copy supplied by you. 

Feedback and Refinement

Once development of the site is near completion, we will take you through the site and ask that you and your stakeholders and/or quality assurance team browse the site to make sure it functions the way it should and that it contains all the content that it should. We will make required changes and provide you a new iteration which will be reviewed again. We will continue refinement until you are satisfied with your site.


Once your site is near completion, we will develop basic Search Engine Positioning for you so that your site will be found in the Search Engines. We will finalize development, do final testing, and make your site “live” to the world.

Now it’s time to sit back and watch the visitors come rolling in …

Minnesota web design by Tundra Click


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