Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Over the years many clients and prospective clients have asked me questions about the website building process. Here are a few of the questions.

1. I have no idea what I need can you help me?

a. Yes I will ask you the questions to ID what you need and I will give you an initial plan free.

2. I have no content but I need a website can you help me?

a. Yes I will write your website content and I will get images that well represent your company. You will approve this content. This service is an additional cost.

3. What kind of website SEO do you provide?
a. I will do your basic SEO. I submit site maps to Google, Bing and Yahoo. I verify your site with Google. Your site will be searchable by bots.

4. I don’t have a domain name can you help me?
a. Yes I can get you a domain name that makes sense for you.

5. I want complete control of the website can you provide me 100% control including email?
a. Yes I can give you 100% control of your website including the ability to add and subtract email accounts.

6. How do you do that?
a. You get your own Cpanel and a good content management system (CMS). I will teach you how to use the CMS.

7. I don’ t live in Minneapolis St Paul but I’d like to use your services. Can you do business remotely?
a. I’ve built many websites for people I’ve never met. Phones, email, ftp, Google and websites help me get the job done for you remotely.

8. What about email?
a. I can provide email for you.  You will have web mail too.

9. What is your guarantee?
a. You don’t pay me if you don’t like the appearance, features and layout of your website.

10. My old web guy owns my domain name. What can I do?
a. Hopefully he will allow you to buy it and we can transfer the domain. If not we get a new domain and point the old one at the new one.

11. I want to keep my current domain…can you build me a website then move it to my live domain replacing my old website?
a. Yes I can. This is a bit of heavy lifting and there is an additional fee for this service.

12. What is the timeline for a site?
a. Plan, plan edits, content acquisition, template proof, content build out, proof the content on line, edit, go live. This is about a 14 day process.

13. Why should I use Tundra Click?
a. I’m good and I’m inexpensive.

14. I don’t see my question here how can I ask it?
a. Please contact me by clicking here.

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