Think for a second about what you think is great customer service? I’m betting your first thought is someone who took care of what was ailing you so fast you darn near cracked a smile. Finding out a customer needs something….anything for their website is something I take seriously. I take it seriously and respond quickly because that’s what I want when I need service. Good service comes in many forms. Going back to my original question about what do you think is great customer service? Well if you need an edit to your website it should happen same day. You need a video added to the site or a new email address? Yep same day service. The price you were quoted and the price your being asked to pay for your new website is exactly the same number. That’s customer service too. Discovering hidden needs….yep that’s great customer service. Enough about me. Hopefully you get the point that I strive to give great service not only clients but friends and family too. Here are a few snippets of actual great customer service. There are many so please don’t be alarmed if you’re not listed but this is a blog and not a short Ray Bradbury like story.

The Paper Salesman

Back in a former life I was the paper buyer at a commercial printer. It was Saturday morning and a customer job on the 640 was having issues and the stock needed for the job was used  during set-up. It was a small job and like any walk of life every once in a while there are issues.

I’m thinking it was Gary who called me, it could have been Rod. He needed paper to complete this job. Customer specified paper. I got on the phone and called Rob. Within 45 minutes Rob met me at the shop paper in hand. The dude stopped what he was doing on Saturday morning. Drove to where ever the paper was. Dealt with his folks. Put the paper in his vehicle and drove it over. That’s customer service baby!

Oh No my Fish Finder!

The phone rings and the voice on the other side of the phone is somber. Something happened to his fish finder. Worse yet next weekend was the big trip of a lifetime to Lake of the Woods. The voice could hardly spit out the words because he thought he was toast fish finder wise.

Chris or it may have been Jonny the customer service guy had been empowered by the boss (me) to get customers taken care of to the best of their ability pronto. The voice had an issue and customer service was there to meet the need. Chris or Jonny it didn’t matter which fella told the voice “can you overnight me your unit?” “If you can do that I’ll fix it for you tomorrow and over night it to the resort you are staying at.” This wasn’t your Simon & Garfunkel Sound of Silence on the phone it was pure joy!

Fishing Guide...Really

So my friend Jason and I went on a guided ice fishing trip with a fella named Woody. Woody is a Fairly Reliable Fishing Guide running a resort and guiding on Rainy Lake. It was late in a ice fishing season where slush was king. Now if you ice fish you know there is no worse thing to deal with than deep slush.  While fishing with Woody he told us about how tough this season was on his equipment and his well being. It was obvious to Jason and I that Woody might of been able to use some extra sleep. Nonetheless Woody met us at sunrise and we jumped on the sleds and hit the lake.

Fast forward to sunset. The fishing had been tough. Woody had taken us to  at least a dozen spots. Despite us having our own augers and telling Woody not to drill our holes (we only expected a guide not a hole drilling machine of a fishing guide) he continued to to drill holes on vast spots in the remote regions of a giant lake until it was dark. Woody was determined to find a hot bite. He himself hopped from hole to hole with his fish finder searching. We did catch some walleyes. We had a great time. And our guide Woody provided out of this world service.

Ugg My Shop Will Be Closed

The date was Saturday, August 8 2015. Tom from Linedrive Sports is texting me. He needs an announcement on the website I built and manage for him. At this time I’m filling up my vehicle somewhere in Miles City Montana. I’m on vacation in the middle of darn near nowhere. Tom needs an announcement on his home page to inform his customers his shop will be closed the next day.

Opportunity knocks. Tom is my customer and friend and I need to come thru. I’m still a couple of hours from my dive hotel. I’m thinking, hoping they have a public PC I can use otherwise I’m gonna have to get this work done on the screen of my cracked phone. Upon arrival my wife is checking in and I spot a PC in the lobby and within 5 minutes the announcement is up on Tom’s website. The announcement will only be visible for the specified time period. Meaning I will not need to manually take that announcement down. The announcement will go away at the prescribed time automatically.

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