In today’s web world ever scrolling home pages are the norm. And they are effective. I can build you one on your budget. Often called page-less websites they are here to stay. According to most experts in the industry surfers like the new wave of websites. Many of the worlds most successful websites are scrollers….yea I made that word up. Think Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and most news outlets. Some of the reasons companies are moving to ever scrolling home pages:

  • Scrolling sites keep the viewer on the page longer. It’s just more interesting.
  • Long scrolling pages allow for more search engine optimization opportunity.
  • It’s been proven by many that scrolling home pages result in more viewer conversions.
  • Scrolling sites are easier to update and keeps the business in charge of the visitor experience to a bigger degree.
  • They are more cost effective.
  • They look great on all devices.

Given this information I built myself a new Tundraclick website and I can tell you my new home page is getting me results. I also recently launched this site I can add as many modules to page as the client wants! The scrolling website is super flexible. I can edit these sites and change the delivery of information with incredible ease. So if a new website is on your mind consider joining the new wave of websites….the scrolling home page.

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