Cut Me Loose and You’ll Have a Site in Days!

I will build your entire site for your approval. I provide text, images, gadgets, forms, basic seo, photo galleries, a blog and more. I work this content into the design of your website. You are the editor in chief, the boss, the head honcho. I produce your content and web design for your approval. This service works for over half of my clients. In some cases clients will supply an image or three but they don’t need to. Sometimes I grab existing materials from the client. But in over half of my websites I can produce everything.I write quality copy. I provide professional imagery. I provide solid design. I'm easy to work with. And at a cost that’s lower than just about any web guy out there! You gotta contact me!

So How Does This Happen?

Well it goes like this. We chat on the phone (we can meet too) so I can learn about you and you can become comfortable with a guy you’ve never met to create your website. I’ll type up a brief review (including pricing) of what I think I’m creating and you say “ok that sounds good”. Now I go to work. I don’t bug you often if ever. In a short time I’ll provide a website for your approval. I’ll make your edits and wala…website!

Fully functional website

Your new site will work on all modern devices and the site will represent you well.

Big time web hosting by big time company

I lease servers from one of the biggest and best.

Email and webmail

You get email and webmail.

Professional imagery

I can choose for you or you can choose from my vast array of royalty free images. I have over 250,000 images, vectors and illustrations we can use.

Quality Copywriting

I write the copy. You are the Chief Editor. You’ll be happy I’ve been doing this since 2001.

Web Forms

I’ll create your own custom web form up to 10 fields. If you need two forms I’ll do that.

Photo Galleries

I will create the galleries you desire. I have many cool styles that are sure to please.


Many sites need testimonials and if you have them I’ll display them effectively.

Lot Locators

Really slick for builders we can place your lots on a Google map and include information relative to the lot.


Blogs are important content on many sites. I can set you up with the blog you need.

Widgets, Gadgets, Maps and Cool Add-ons

I’ll add the neat stuff that helps your site retain the visitor and contact you.

Site Management

I can manage your site or I can teach you how to manage it! Or we can do the management together…what ever serves you best.


This is how confident I am that I can create your entire site with minimal use of your time!

Other stuff of note:

I can build on line stores. I build portfolios. I can shoot custom photos or video. I have mad Photoshop skills I can Photoshop it! Chance are if you need it I can do it. If I can’t do what you need hopefully I know someone who can help you. I aim to please!

It will be worth your time to contact me!

I’ll take care of you on your budget.  I’ll upgrade your web presence. The price I quote you is the price you pay period end of story.

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