Minnesota Website Design for Small Business

First let me say that I will not accept payment until my clients are fully satisfied with their new website.

Over the last many years I have helped many small and start-up businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin with a website, email and various other communication services. I use a content management system (CMS) on every site I create. This makes for easy upgrades and updates. When your small business buys a Tundra Click website you get a website that will give your company immediate credibility and your site will speak to both your audience and the search engines. Add to that a new Tundra Click website works on just about every digital communication devise.

So how do I take care of the small and start up businesses?

Well, I treat them like I want to be treated. Increda-service is what I enjoy delivering. And yes I did make that word up too. It starts with a website plan based on client needs. And it includes search term ideas. I write the initial plan and present that to the client. Along with feedback from the prospective client we fine tune the plan and agree to a price to execute that plan. Upon making a deal I will set up a domain of choice on the server I lease from a giant reputable company.  Typically I set up email and webmail right away too. I aim to give my clients the very best service and bang for the buck in today’s Minnesota website design world.

For clients looking for a quick online presence.

I begin to design the site using text I write for their approval. I also plug in images from my vast supply of stock imagery. If the site is a redesign many times we’ll use some or all of the text and imagery from the old site. In some cases I will do a photo shoot right away. I present this site (look and feel, text and imagery) for customer approval. Once approved I can create this site in just days. I include basic search engine optimization and I submit the domain to the major search engines.

Client with more complex needs.

Clients with more time or more complex needs may need some time to get everything just right.  They may need a video or an off site photo shoot or two etc etc. We may spend more time identifying how to solve a more complex client need. In most cases I have all the resources for my customers. This type of customer may also be writing the copy in house. I have found that if customers write the copy the site takes longer to complete. In most instances I write the copy for the client to edit. There are also times where I use info from provided sell sheets and marketing stuff. In a nutshell I’ll do what ever is good for the client.

The Nutshell

I will create your site with minimal management on your part. I create and the client is the editor in chief. When the site is done the client can manage the site or I can manage it upon request. I create client websites in the time frame my clients need and the price is the price. I know what I’m doing. I’m good, efficient and cost worthy.

Surprisingly low prices.

I know what you’re thinking…what does all this cost me? Well you’ll find me to be surprisingly easy on your budget. In most cases if I provide a website plan to a prospective client…and I do that for free…the client and I will come to an agreement to do business. After all I’m pretty good and I don’t accept payment until the client is 100 percent happy with the website. Contact me today I’ll get you what you need on time and on budget.

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Wasteland Performance

I built this website for Chad Johnson who owns a performance company in Ham Lake. This site has superior SEO. Try typing Textrom 850 into Google and see what you get. The CMS I used on this site is WordPress. I am your Minnesota Website Design Guy!

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A Future Farm

Steve Meyer trusted me to build him a cool site. This site is still performing after many years on the web! I built this one with Business Catalyst CMS. A Future Farm went from an idea to a business! I am your Minnesota Website Design Guy!

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Splatterburst Targets

Cary Larson had an idea and he trusted me to build his web store. Cary designed and developed the product and i helped him sell it! Today Cary sells targets on his website. I am your Minnesota Website Design Guy!

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My accountant knew Lisa at Magjumper and she was in need of a presence on the web. They wanted a simple look…just a brochure as Lisa said to me. This site is a few years old and it is generating about 5 requests to become a resller each month! Not bad from no leads to 5 good one each month. I am your Minnesota Website Design Guy!

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