Chances are if you have a interest in the outdoors and in particular the love of wildlife, wildlife photography, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, baseball, rink rat hockey and most any other sport played outside you and I will be a match to talk some business. This is probably the first article you’ve ever read that’s a pitch based on¬†outdoor activities but it’s really relevant. Working with someone who has many of the same interests as you give us a sort of bond that you just don’t get if you don’t have anything in common. We all strive to do the best we can for our clients. Every company out there will make some kind of statement about quality service. But I’ll tell you it’s way easier and more satisfying to achieve for people who have common interests. That said I’ve built plenty of websites and in former lives have had plenty of clients who I had no personal connection. In those instances I feel the customer was buying from me for a couple of reasons:

  1. My price was lower.
  2. I had the best tools for the job.
  3. For whatever reason they liked me.

Business relationships are often built on stuff that has nothing to do with business. It’s been said many a time that more business is done on the golf course than in the office. In my case business is done over coffee or lunch. Most meetings are 30 minutes of how’s it going….catch any fish lately, have you seen any big bucks, how was that 5k, did you see the game etc etc and 5-10 minutes of actual business speak. Sometimes business takes place at a Twins game or a youth sporting event. In any case it’s fun for me and the client if we have a common interest other than how’s your family been.

I’m a Minnesota Website design guy. The Minnesota website design business has morphed in the last few years. Once upon a time you needed a web guy. Nowadays there are 100 DIY’s out there and even more basement designers than you can shake a stick at. What you get with me is a fella who will ID what you need by asking the right questions to get you the right plan for your website. Most of the time the plan will fit my skills and your needs. So if we can agree to a price that works for both of us and we have some of the same interests outside of the website project I guarantee we’ll have more fun working together. If you identify as an outdoors person and you have no website or you have site that’s years old or doesn’t well represent you well you should contact me. I’ll help you get a plan together for free. If that plan works for both of us it’s a win win. At some point we may even share stories about an outdoor adventure!

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